Beautify Yourself While You Sleep With This Korean Beauty Secret

Beautify Yourself While You Sleep With This Korean Beauty Secret

Throughout our lives, the term “beauty rest” may have had a huge impact on our lives. Whether using it as a joke to indicate a bad skin situation that’s in need of a remedy, or actually meaning it after a long period of sleepless night, beauty rest is not just simply a coined phrase. Our bodies really do repair themselves at night, and if you’ve been suffering from a few skin problems of your own, then nighttime remedies may just be the trick you’ve been searching for. Whether your issue is an abundance of under eye wrinkles, dull skin, or less than spectacular lashes, there’s a nighttime treatment that can help you out!

One of our current favorites at the moment is the¬†Wellage Hyaluronic Acid Micro Needle Patch. The patches come from Korean pharmaceutical company Hugel, which produces many injectable botox regimens. These little patches contain micro needles within them that when applied to the skin, distribute peptides and¬†hyaluronic acid directly into the skin. Say so long to wrinkles after applying these fantastic patches. Although the thought of applying micro needles to the skin may sound painful, many reviewers of the product say that they didn’t even notice a discomfort. The needles are incredibly fine, so any serious pain won’t be too unbearable.

Reviews for the patches also vouched for the results as well, with many women stating that the appearance of fine lines underneath their eyes began to lessen after each use.

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