Check Out The Rainbow Colored Cat Undercut That Instagram Went Wild For

Check Out The Rainbow Colored Cat Undercut That Instagram Went Wild For

Hair trends come and go throughout the years, with even some of the most fabulous styles eventually dying out. Recently, one of the biggest hair trends of the century has been the rainbow colored hair. Women, and sometimes even men, have both been seen rocking this crazy new style. The hairstyle uses involves at least two, if not more, brightly colored hair options ranging from wild blues to sensational pinks and even the occasional green. This week, however, a different kind of version of the hairstyle became an Internet sensation, all thanks to one woman in Russia, known as Katichka.

Katichka’s hair is a stunning split between hot pink and a very, very blue. While the hair color itself would be enough to shock most conservative people, it happens to be a little haircut that Katichka received that gained her Internet notoriety. Once Katichka lifts up the back portion of her hair, an undercut in the shape of a cat can be plainly seen. The original and unique design garnered Katicha over 18,000 likes.

When asked about the popularity of the undercut, Katicha had this to say, “I think the reason why everybody liked the style so much is that we make it with all the love.” It seems that Katicha paired up with hairstylist, Aliyousha, who wanted to bring out a creative surge in her hairstyle portfolio.

Well, it seems that the color and cut worked out great for both Katicha and Aliyousha, as Instagram users went wild over the unique look!


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