The Crazy Way Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Hair

The Crazy Way Your Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Hair

Although many of us may be well aware of how our menstrual cycles affect our skin, our mood swings, and our pain tolerance levels, not many of us are aware of how it’s been affecting our scalps as well.

“Although we mostly think of skin as being most reactive to the hormonal, and other, changes of the menstrual cycle, the fluctuations of the menstrual cycle can, in some cases, directly and indirectly affect the scalp and hair,” explains dermatologist Sophia Kogan, MD, of Nutrafol.

“During this period of time we tend to feel tired, run down, and our bodies are more sensitive,” says Dr. Kogan. “Some women report that their hair looks duller, and some even say their scalp feels more sensitive when they have any hair-processing done. This can be explained by the extra prostaglandins that are circulating in the system, and is also the reason why cramps sometimes feel like they are everywhere and not just in the lower abdomen.”

So if our scalps are being affected, how should we go about taking care of our scalp and hair during our menstrual cycles? Well, the solution is actually quite simpler than one might imagine. During the first couple of days of our menstrual cycle, many of us tend to suffer from feeling tired, stressed, emotional, and more sensitive to pain. With all of these symptoms on the menu for the week, being sure to take extra care of ourselves is the most important step. Avoid over-processing your hair during this week, as well as avoiding hot irons and possibly even dying your hair.


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