Will Tie-Dye Hair Be The New Summer Hair Trend?

Will Tie-Dye Hair Be The New Summer Hair Trend?

Going wild with your summer hairstyle is all apart of the warm weather transition. There’s just something about the sweet warmth of the summer air that just brings out the bold and adventurous side to all of us. This summer, however, the hottest new trend is not as simple as a daring short haircut. In fact, this trend is all about switching your color style to the max. The trend started by hair colorist Tanya Ramirez is called the Shibori Hair. Ramirez drew inspiration from the popular Japanese trend of Shibori that involves dying fabric in particular colors and shades.

Growing ever more popular on social media apps like Instagram, the Shibori hairstyle is a stunning tie-dye technique applied to the locks. Ramirez, who generally loves to work with bright and different shades, created a stunning tie-dye effect with blue colors. She captioned her masterpiece with the following message, “I’ve wanted to create this look for at least three years. I finally felt skilled enough to achieve my vision. Hope you enjoy.”

Well it seems that everybody really did enjoy the look, as the photo got tons of positive commentary. Ramirez even created an entire YouTube video dedicated to the look, showing us all how she achieved it.

So would you guys be willing to try out this daringly bold tie-dye move on your locks? Let us know what you think about the trend and if you’d go out and try it on yourself!


  1. krystle battin


  2. rachel s.

    definitely not my cup of tea but i know a lot of girls that are rly into dying their hair that might like this

  3. Taneka Williams

    this hairstyle is definitely out there

  4. Lottie

    WOW!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

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