Would You Let This Salon Use A Beauty Blender On Your Hair?

Would You Let This Salon Use A Beauty Blender On Your Hair?

One of the biggest and most blown up makeup products at the moment has been the Beauty Blender. This nifty sponge has been used for just about every aspect of makeup application, as the sponge flawlessly blends together your foundation, contour, highlight, and powders. However, the Beauty Blender may have just found a new calling in life after being introduced to Jamie Stevens’ salon in London. It seems that Stevens has found a new way to utilize the sponge in his salon by using it to apply dye. What a crazy idea, right?

Well, according to the team at the salon, “The idea came about because Jamie wanted a soft surface to apply the [color] in spots.┬áBeautyblender[s] are very soft and absorb the color well…[and] the soft and round edges of the blender [prevent] random splodges.”

So how exactly does Jamie go about performing this technique? Well, the first step to his dye job is to cut the Beauty Blender in half! He then uses the rounded side of the blender to press color onto the hair, usually the colors are bright ones in order to accent the hair. The end result is hair that will stand out and give you a lift of color that couldn’t be achieved without the blender.

So if you’re looking to add some striking highlights to your hair or introduce some contrasts into it, then why not try out this new Beauty Blender trick?! You may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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