The Genius Way To Achieve Waterproof Makeup

The Genius Way To Achieve Waterproof Makeup

Ensuring that your makeup lasts all day, despite any possible ups and downs throughout the day, is a true triumph for beauty lovers. Spending time on a flawless face can become incredibly discouraging when your makeup begins to run down in streaks by the middle of the day. If you’re tired of not having a flawless finish that lasts all day long, then you’re in need of a makeup primer. With the warmer weather headed our way, one of the biggest concerns that many women have is sweating off their makeup. Well fear no more, because makeup artist Nick Barose has spilled his waterproof primer tips.

In order to leave the house with a waterproof face, Barose says to, “Mix a water-resistant sunscreen, like Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion WetForce, with your foundation.”

So what exactly makes this combination so amazing? Well, it seems that the sunscreen dries matte, leaving you with a beautiful shine free finish. Second, the high SPF protection of the sunscreen keeps your skin safe from any sun damage. Your makeup will stay on all day and you’ll be protected, what more could we ask from our makeup and primer?

The Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+ WetForce is currently available at Sephora $40, making it a pretty affordable purchase. So forget worrying about your makeup running down your face and give your skin exactly what it needs with this sunscreen primer – your summer skin will certainly thank you.

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