This Newly Released Springtime Perfume Could Be Your New Favorite Scent

This Newly Released Springtime Perfume Could Be Your New Favorite Scent

With the blooming of the new spring seasons comes a burst of fresh air, filled with the scent of new flowers. In the beauty world, the coming of spring translates to a huge makeup, hair, and nails update. All of our winter sorrows are shoved away in a corner to make room for the bright and happy arrival of spring. If you happen to be looking for your own updates, then may we point to the direction of a new spring scent. We’re all aware that our deep, musky winter perfume simply will not do in the light and airy spring season.

Instead, we need to be on the lookout for scents that are the epitome of the spring season. One of our current perfume obsessions for this spring is the¬†Penhaligon’s Equinox Bloom. This new scent has just been released this April, inspired by the English tradition of enjoying a cup of afternoon tea. The scent is said to replicate the smell of freshly bloomed flowers while encompassing a more musky Oriental richness. Some of the main notes found in this perfume are violet leaves, orange blossom, jasmine, and brown sugar accord. The combination of all of these lovely notes creates the perfect springtime scent that isn’t annoyingly floral like so many other floral inspired perfumes.

The perfume is currently available on the Penhaligon site for $170. While the price tag attached to the perfume may be high, the scent is so perfectly constructed that the perfume practically pays for itself.

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