Are Rainbow Bangs The Hottest New Hair Trend?

Are Rainbow Bangs The Hottest New Hair Trend?

Haircuts and styles, they can truly make or break our sense of outwardly confidence. While some of us prefer to stick to the same tried and true hairstyle throughout the years, there are also many of us who enjoy changing up our style from time to time. While chopping off your locks a few inches or rocking a different color may not seem overly drastic to some, what if we told you that the newest hair trend involves a variety of different colors? Recently spotted on British model, Amber Le Bon, rainbow bangs have become a hot and trendy new look.

Unlike a more usual set of bangs, which are all usually one color, rainbow bangs are a variety of different shades that will have your fringe standing out. Although the trend may seem unusual, you may be surprised to learn that an entire #RainbowBangs hashtag has made its way onto Instagram. Doing a quick search through the hashtag will show you a tremendous amount of results filled with colorful and statement making fringes. The trend has caught such popularity, that even the mainstream media has displayed the trend as Zendaya rocked a rainbow fringe for her CoverGirl commercial.

As far as Amber Le Bon’s fringe, the model rocked a beautiful pink and rose-gold colored fringe that was created by Redken hairstylists Lori Zabel and George Northwood. So are you guys feeling daring enough to try out this new hair trend? Let us know what you think of this multicolored trend!

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