Are Furry Nails The Newest Nail Art Trend?

Are Furry Nails The Newest Nail Art Trend?

When it comes to expressing our individuality in the beauty world, one of the easiest ways to do so is through nail art. Rocking an eccentric and beautiful nail art look is a great way to distinguish you as an individual without rocking the boat overwhelmingly so. However, during Libertine’s Fashion Week show, the nail art featured on the models took a seriously different turn. Instead of rocking a neutral color or even a bold shade, Jan Arnold of CND decided that something much bolder and winter appropriate was needed. With that in mind, Arnold officially started the furry nails trend.

While brushing up on our Cosmopolitan reading, we discovered that Jan Arnold created the furry nail trend by simply painting the model’s nail in neutral shades of the Vinylux Weekly Polish. The neutral shades included Rubble and Cream Puff. Once she painted the nails, she applied a topcoat and then finished off the nail look by adding on either white or brown faux fur. Several models from the show posed with their funky and furry nails in front of their faces, truly showcasing this new and innovative way to style nails. While the look may be a bit eccentric for the everyday gal to wear, it definitely created a statement for the winter fashion show.

So what are your opinions of this new nail art trend? Would you be willing to rock some furry nails for the winter season or is the look just a bit out of your comfort zone?

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