Heal Your Dry Winter Skin With Our Top Moisturizer Picks

Heal Your Dry Winter Skin With Our Top Moisturizer Picks

Winter can be incredibly damaging to our skin, leaving us with a scaly finish that would make even the scaliest alligator jealous. If you’re growing frustrated at the lack of silky smoothness that your skin has been featuring, then you’re in need of some intense moisture therapy. Luckily for us, there are so many amazing and viable options out there that will bring our skin back to life. We’ve compiled an awesome array of options, ranging from highly affordable drugstore items to higher end creams and moisturizers. No matter what your budget, you’ll never have to deal with dry skin again!

  • A drugstore cult favorite for many years, the Aveeno Skin Relief Nourishing Coconut Lotion is your winter savior. This amazing and affordable body cream is highly moisturizing without drilling a hole in your wallet. The light coconut scent of the cream will lift you up into the clouds, leaving your skin feeling perfectly moisturized.
  • If you’re looking for a lightweight cream that will not only moisturize but also make your skin appear younger, then the Origins A Perfect World Intensely Hydrating Body Cream with White Tea is the moisturizer for you! The cream was created with a beautiful blend of essential oils and shea butter to leave your skin look better than ever.
  • Suffering from dry skin that not only looks bad but also itches? Then the L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream is a highly moisturizing cream that not only moisturizes but heals as well. The cream comes with 25% shea butter, meaning that your skin will be softer in no time.


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