Are You Unintentionally Triggering Your Eczema Flare-Ups?

Are You Unintentionally Triggering Your Eczema Flare-Ups?

Those who suffer from eczema on a daily basis will the first ones to tell you just how frustrating the skin problem can be. Unlike the random dry patches that we all may suffer from in the colder, winter months, eczema is on a whole different level. Eczema cause red, itchy skin that may even sometimes grow swollen. The worst part about eczema is that when you try to relieve the itchy by scratching the areas is that it only makes the ailment a hundred times worse. Since eczema can be such a pain to deal with, we decided to mention some of the biggest triggers that could cause a potential flare-up.

Starting from the start of your day, taking a shower in excessively hot water could be the worst thing for your eczema. While the hot water may feel good temporarily on your itchy skin, the damage that it is doing will only cause the problem to get worse. The hot water will aggravate your skin, causing it to be drier and itchier once you step out.

The next big factor to watch out for is your diet. A lot of foods may be contributing to your eczema without you even knowing. Some big ones to watch out for are eggs, soy, wheat, nuts, and dairy. Finally, with allergy season around it is very important to steer clear of pollen, mold, or even some pets. Taking an antihistamine can help the situation.

While steering clear of these factors may not get rid of your eczema altogether, it can help lessen the severity of your flare-ups.


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