The Mood-Changing Lipstick That Is Selling Like Crazy

The Mood-Changing Lipstick That Is Selling Like Crazy

Growing up in the 90s and early 00s means that you were definitely exposed to some pretty silly and yet highly entertaining trends. One of the biggest trends that we can remember from back in the day are the ever so popular moods rings that claimed to change colors throughout the day based on your mood. Fast forward to the present day and we finally have an adult version of this accessory trend, but this time it’s actually in the beauty department. The¬†Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince is one of the best selling lipsticks on the market at the moment and for good reason!

When in the tube, the lipstick appears to be a dark green color, which would certainly turn away many of us who aren’t looking to be too daring – especially for work. However, when applied onto the lips, the shade quickly turns into a stunning rosy, pink shade. The end result is a lipstick color that looks like a truly naturally stained lip shade that usually only occurs after wiping off a highly pigmented lipstick shade. So how does a green lipstick shade turn out to be such a perfect color once applied? Well, we figured we would leave that to the pros to explain. According to the company, a dye called Red 27 is responsible for all of the magic.

“[It’s] a red dye which is colorless when dissolved in a waterless base,” The Beauty Brains explains.¬†“The product appears to change with your personal chemistry because the color changes when it comes in contact with moisture, [which] can come from your skin or even just the humidity in the air.”

Sounds pretty cool if you ask us!

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