Relive The Holiday Season With This Pine Scented Candle

Relive The Holiday Season With This Pine Scented Candle

With the summer coming our way, it would seem like we’ve happily placed all of our winter themed favorites away on a shelf until the season begins once again. However, sometimes we can all grow a bit nostalgic for the fanciful parts of the winter, much of it including the holiday season. Since smells can trigger a whole multitude of memories to be unleashed, it would make sense why the Internet has gone crazy over this one pine candle that absolutely smells like Christmastime. The NEST Birchwood Pine Candle is the ultimate candle for anyone that wants his or her home to smell like Christmastime without having to drag in a pine tree.

What makes the candle so popular is the mixture of scents it’s formulated from. The candle holds within it a bunch of scents including white pine, fir balsam and Birchwood over a base of rich musk and amber. All of these scents come together to create a scent that the company compares to a ‘majestic winter forest’. Another fabulous feature of having this candle in your home is the beautiful outer design. The candleholder features a beautiful custom glass with gold leaf designs all over it. This candle will leave your home smelling holiday inspired while serving as a beautiful decoration piece as well.

You can purchase the candle for $38 from any major retailers that sell NEST candles. Relive your favorite holiday season while the sun is still blazing outdoors with this gorgeous pine candle.


  1. Mollie Gilbert

    the scent of this candle gives me life!!!

  2. amber a.

    even tho i hate the winter, i love the smell of it
    this is a great idea

  3. Cristin Tilton

    i’m getting this asap
    i love when my home smells all cozy 🙂

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