Facial Sunscreen Options That Won’t Clog Your Pores

Facial Sunscreen Options That Won’t Clog Your Pores

The warm sunny weather is headed our way and with the summer weather coming around in about a month or two, you can bet our inner beach bums are getting reignited. One of the surefire ways to know that the weather is finally getting closer to summer, however, is when you start looking into facial sunscreens to wear on the regular. Dermatologists and even our mothers have all told us how important it is for us to protect our faces from the harmful rays of the sun. Overexposure to the harmful rays of the sun can cause serious damage to our skin, resulting in premature wrinkles and sunspots.

While simply applying sunscreen to our faces seems like an easy enough task, the real challenge comes in avoiding breakout from clogged pores. That’s right, folks! If you notice that your skin begins to breakout after applying sunscreen, you’re not the only one. It seems that the minerals that make sunscreen work are also the same ones that help to clog our pores. Since this has become a huge summer problem for many, an assortment of brands released facial sunscreens that are light and filled with skin care positives.┬áKiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Super Fluid UV Mineral Defense Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen SPF 50+ is a great option for gals with more sensitive skin that are prone to breakouts.

The formula is light and has a fluid texture that keeps it from feeling heavy on the skin. Simply apply this before you leave the house and your skin will be sun protected for hours!


  1. Cristina Bresler

    fantastic sunscreen suggestions!

  2. Sonia Freeburg

    i love kiehl’s products – i own so many from the brand

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