Favorite Self-Tanner Among Beauty Gurus & Self-Tanning Enthusiasts Alike

Favorite Self-Tanner Among Beauty Gurus & Self-Tanning Enthusiasts Alike

After learning about the harmful effects the sun’s rays have on our skin, it can become all too easy to start avoiding the beach and skipping the tanning beds. Ruining the health of our skin comes at a price, even if the end results may give us that beautiful cinnamon tan appearance. Due to the high risk factors associated with tanning beds and natural sunlight, finding a way to sport tanned skin has become a real issue. Fortunately, the miracle of self-tanners has been around for a while now and the formulas have only been improving over the years.

Currently, one of the highest rated self-tanners happens to be the St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Everyday Body Lotion. A fan favorite among beauty gurus and self-tanning enthusiasts alike, this tan lotion builds up a gradual tint to your skin, leaving you with the most natural finish. The cream comes out in a tinted shade, allowing you to identify which areas of your skin you had already applied it to. The formula is also packed with an intensified glow that will really give you skin that summer tan quality. The cream absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves you with no unattractive streaks.

Applying this cream before bed every night will give you soft, beautiful and naturally tanned looking skin that will have everyone questioning whether you go island hopping every weekend. The self-tanner is currently available at most major beauty department stores for $30.

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