The Artistic New Lipstick Trend Started By Instagram Sensation, Vlada Haggerty

The Artistic New Lipstick Trend Started By Instagram Sensation, Vlada Haggerty

When it comes to applying makeup, many makeup artists agree that while some rules may be applied, in the end it’s all about the artistic efforts of the look. This idea could not ring more true than for 31-year-old Los Angeles makeup artist, Vlada Haggerty. The makeup artist who has been experimenting with eccentric makeup looks has found her niche in the beauty world. Haggerty has grown in popularity from her Instagram account where she has uploaded lipstick looks that are simply out of this world. Not expecting for her work to blow up on the Internet, Haggerty simply took photographs of her different artist inspirations and uploaded to her social media account once every day.

“I never thought it would go somewhere; I was just having fun,” Haggerty says.

Some of her most popular looks have been the various lipstick styles that she created. The most popular is the ‘signature drip’, where Haggerty gives the lips a dripping effect. The dripping lipgloss look has garnered massive attention to Haggerty’s social media account, with women from all over the world giving their opinions on the look.

“I thought it would get me a lot of likes, but I didn’t think there would be drama,” Haggerty told Refinery 29.

A few of her other popular works have been lips that feature adorned crystals that give the lips a shiny and ombre appearance. Haggerty’s work is certainly some of the most unique makeup work that we’ve seen in a while, and while it may not be practical to wear outdoors, it does make for some stunning artwork.

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