The Photoshop Scandal Following Gigi Hadid

The Photoshop Scandal Following Gigi Hadid

A recent Photoshop scandal has emerged involving model, Gigi Hadid and her recent cover on Vogue China. Photoshopping has been around for ages now, with models and actresses all being enhanced in magazines and advertisements. However, the recent backlash surrounding Photoshop has grown as many women blame it for the unrealistic beauty standards held for women. Due to this backlash, many celebs have been criticized for altering selfies of themselves, with the most recent one being a photo of Khloe Kardashian posing in front of a bathroom mirror. This time, however, fans have grown incredibly frustrated at the representation of Gigi Hadid in China’s Vogue. 

One of Gigi’s most distinguishable features is her abundance of freckles and moles along her body. The model’s belly, especially, has a collection of these marks that are very noticeable.

In an interview with Allure last year, she stated, “A lot of people get mad at me when they’re Photoshopped out. But I don’t want them Photoshopped. If they are, that’s the client’s decision. I love them.”

A few days ago, Hadid posted a photo of herself on her Instagram. The photo was her on the cover of Vogue China, nothing unusual however, many of her fans noticed a big change in her looks. It seemed that her freckles were removed and her skin was particularly lightened. With China’s beauty standards adhering to porcelain, white skin, it’s no real mystery as to why the changes were made.

What do you guys think of this Photoshop mishap?


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