The Coolest And Simplest New Way To Apply Nail Polish

The Coolest And Simplest New Way To Apply Nail Polish

Ladies, applying nail polish has just gotten¬†WAY¬†easier! The newest makeup brand, Milk Studios, has come up with the coolest and simplest way to apply nail polish. Forget about applying the polish on your dominant hand with as much precision as a baby with a crayon. The brand has released a new spray-on nail polish that quickly gives your nail all of the color you want with none of the mess. While the idea may sound crazy, you’ll be happy to know that the polish has been tested and all results proved positive.

After creating such a fabulous product, we couldn’t even dream of the next big venture that the Milk Studios brand has sought after. The brand has recently unleashed a collection of different stencils that you can use to create some of the most gorgeous nail art. Whether you’re trying to create a beautiful ombre design or a simple and sweet French manicure, the stencils and spray-on polish all make it incredibly easy and very possible. The nail polish can be applied in seconds, so it’s perfect for when you’re running out the door but what to have your nails painted. The polish also dries incredibly quickly as well, making this one of the most amazing beauty products at the moment.

You can currently purchase the polishes and the stencils from Urban Outfitters. The polishes are priced at $12 each, but with such easy application we think we can deal with the splurge.

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