The Coolest New Way To Battle Against Your Greasy Hair

The Coolest New Way To Battle Against Your Greasy Hair

When it comes down to skipping a few hair washes here and there, no other hair trend has made as huge strides as dry shampoo. With the ability to instantly give you a clean hair feel without having to shampoo and condition, dry shampooing has become a craze all onto itself. However, as seen with any big trend adopted by the world, dry shampoo has had its ups and downs. Many women who deal with incredibly greasy hair have found that dry shampoo just wasn’t sufficient enough in removing excess oil. Not to mention, dry shampoo does have a tendency to leave behind a white streak in photos as well as leaving your hair a bit crunchier than you may have bargained for.

If you’ve been growing a bit frustrated at your dry shampoo, then you may want to give this new method a try! Thought up by Lacy Redway, hairstylist to celebs like Olivia Palermo and Lupita Nyong’o, this new and innovative trick is bound to soak up all of that excess oil right away. Using some of the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, Redway simply uses the sheets to blot away any excess oil. Since the sheets are made for the face, Redway thought why not use them on the hair as well?

“Just hold a sheet of paper towel in each hand, then sandwich chunks of hair in between, massaging the oil up and away from the scalp,” Redway says.

The sheets are only $4.99, making them a great bang for your buck as well!

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