Christian Louboutin Unveils Their Newest Nail Polish Kits

Christian Louboutin Unveils Their Newest Nail Polish Kits

Dreaming of a sunny beach with a piña colada in one hand and your iPhone in the other as you SnapChat about your dream vacation? Yeah, we’re right there in fantasy land with you! With the spring weather making a small dent in our happiness factor, it still doesn’t make up for the longing of summer. If you’ve been caught daydreaming at your desk one too many times, then you may need something to hold you over until the summer weather finally comes in. With that in mind, shoe expert and now beauty connoisseur, Christian Louboutin, has unleashed a new set of nail polish shades that will instantly make you think of summer.

The nail polish collection was inspired by the 1950s era Hawaii, with three unique shades in each kit. The three shades in each kit vary depending on the vibe, with colors that complement one another perfectly. What makes the kits even more unique is that each nail polish is the mini version of its $50 counterpart. Louboutin has never released mini versions of their cult polishes, so the kits will certainly hold a certain allure just for that. Another fabulous reason to scoop up the kits before they sell out is the price for each one. The kits have been priced at $90 each, a real steal if you take into account that the original polishes ring in at $50 each.

So cure your pre-summer longing with a fabulous trio of summer inspired nail polishes and get ready for the soon-to-be beach weather.

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