The Fast Selling Makeup Brush That Has Blown Up The Internet

The Fast Selling Makeup Brush That Has Blown Up The Internet

Watch out BeautyBlender, there’s a new makeup applicator coming to town! Seen on hundreds of thousands of different makeup tutorials all over social media, this new toothbrush shaped brush has been growing in popularity. When first introduced into the market, the brush was questioned, as its design seemed to contradict its efficiency. However, when a large multitude of beauty gurus began to use the brush in many of their makeup tutorials, the flawless results were too good to ignore. So, the search was on to discover what this brush was and what makes it so unique compared to all other makeup brushes on the market.

The brush is called the Artis Brush Elite Smoke Oval 8, a real mouthful if you ask us! It seems that what makes the brush so unique is its soft bristle head. The design of the brush and bristles gives you incredible control over your makeup application, meaning that you’ll walk away with perfectly smooth skin after. The brush can be used to apply your foundation, concealer, bronzer, and even blush. The brush had recently been added to the Net-A-Porter site and sold out almost instantaneously. However, the online retailer has just restocked on the brush, leaving you with a small window to purchase it before it completely sells out again.

So far the brush has been garnering a successive amount of positive reviews, with ladies raving about how easy makeup application is with the brush. So grab your Artis brush before it sells out again.

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