Join In On The Skin Care Trend That Has Taken Over South Korea

Join In On The Skin Care Trend That Has Taken Over South Korea

Recently, many skincare and beauty influencers have taken to South Korea for their beauty fixes. South Korean women have been praised for their poreless and practically ageless skin, while the rest of us have scratched our heads in amazement. Dying to know the secrets of their practically perfect skin, we finally got a hold of the Korean beauty treatment that involves quite the hefty routine of countless products. However, another huge trend that has been taking over South Korea is the quick and easy sheet mask craze. Skin looking a little lackluster? Dealing with outrageous puffy eyes? Breakouts got you down? If you’ve answered yes to any of these then these sheet masks may be your new skin saviors.

Meant to be used around once to twice a week, these easy to apply sheet face masks give your face the needed nourishment that it has been craving. The sheets are made from a variety of materials such as microfiber, cotton, or even hydrogel. Simply applying the mask onto the skin for 15 to 20 minutes will give your skin an abundance of nutrients. Some of our personal favorite masks include the TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Eye Patch for getting rid of under eye circles, the Etude House Smooth Forehead Patch to smooth out any embarrassing forehead wrinkles, and the TonyMoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch for overly chapped and dry, cracked lips.

What makes these masks even better is their super affordable prices! The masks range between $5-$10, meaning that you could stock up on a bunch for any sort of skin problems you may be dealing with.

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