Celebs Finally Dish On Their Expert Selfie Tips

Celebs Finally Dish On Their Expert Selfie Tips

With the rise of social media and photo sharing apps like Instagram, celebs and every day people have found ways to share parts of their lives online for all to see. One of the biggest social media trends, especially on Instagram, has been the selfie. The selfie is pretty self explanatory in nature, it happens to just be a photo of yourself. However, posting the ‘perfect selfie’ has become an art form that female and even male celebs have been attempting to perfect. Taking hints and tips from some of the most expert selfie takers, find out how you can finally take the perfect selfie.

One of the key tricks to taking a good selfie is LIGHTING. Nothing makes your face looks like it’s naturally glowing like some good ol’ natural light. Victoria Secret model, Alessandra Ambrosio swears by sunset lighting as it gives her skin a ‘glowy, beautiful light’. The second most important step in taking that perfect photo is to know your angles.

“You want to place the camera a bit higher than your face”, says former angel Karlie Kloss.

Even Kim Kardashian follows this basic selfie rule as she always poses for her selfies with her chin down, aiming the camera up above her. Model Miranda Kerr is also a fan of this angle, stating that she loves to take photos looking up at the camera.

So there you have it ladies, the perfect selfie is now within your reach. All you have to do is follow through on these expert tips and you could be the next selfie queen.

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