A Gel Eyeliner That Has Topped The Beauty Popularity Charts

A Gel Eyeliner That Has Topped The Beauty Popularity Charts

When it comes to any makeup application, no look is complete without glamorous eyes. Whether you want to rock an out of this world glam eye or a simple yet gorgeous eye look, eyeliner is the one beauty item you need. Unlike the high maintenance of applying and blending out eyeshadows, eyeliner is a much simpler and easily mastered makeup technique. Whether you’re applying a thin line to the top of your eyes to accentuate your shape, or are looking to elongate them with a cat eye, eyeliner is the best tool for you.

However, with so many eyeliner choices to pick from how does one even begin to narrow in on the best product? Well, one of the most highly rated eyeliner products at the moment has been the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner. This gel liner is ultra dark, and is just as easy to use as a liquid eyeliner, making it the best of both worlds. Makeup fanatics everywhere are constantly raving about this liner, as even the newest of makeup artists can master the technique with this easy to use liner. The liner also lasts for hours on end, so those of you with more oily skin can rest assured that your eyeliner will not be smudged by the end of the day.

The eyeliner is available at most major beauty department stores for $26, making it a more high-end eyeliner, however the results are absolutely worth it. So try out your new favorite eyeliner today!

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