Say Goodbye To Afternoon Puff With This Cooling Water Stick

Say Goodbye To Afternoon Puff With This Cooling Water Stick

The weather is going to start heating up soon and our beauty products are going to have to change up for the warmer season. One of the biggest complaints of the summer months is the excessive amount of sweat that your body begins to produce. If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a refreshing break from the heat, then purchasing a facial mist may have been your first thought. The only problem with facial mists is the liquid containers that at times have a tendency to leak though our bags and leave our things soaking wet. Acknowledging this as a serious problem, the Milk Makeup Company decided to revolutionize the facial mist into an easy to carry solid.

The┬áMilk Makeup Cooling Water stick is the perfect alternative to the facial mist. This nifty stick is a facial mist transformed into solid form. The stick contains a combination of seawater and caffeine that instantly melts into your skin as you glide it on. The stick provides your skin with a cooling sensation, perfect for when the summer heat is causing you to feel highly overheated. The stick is even capable of getting rid of puffy eyes due to the rich marine minerals in the ingredients. You can glide the product on your face, neck, and eye area whenever you’re in need of a pick-me-up. The Milk Makeup Company even recommends keeping it in the fridge overnight for a real de-puffing experience.

You can purchase the cooling water stick for $24 from Milk Makeup.


  1. cassandra f.

    i’ve been really curious about this brand for the longest time
    i think now i’ll finally give them a try

  2. laurie kurtis

    i love this gel stick! i bought it before i went on vacation to an island & it saved my skin

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