The Only Products You Need To Sport The Perfect Fringe

The Only Products You Need To Sport The Perfect Fringe

For those of us who have been brave enough to try out a fringe, a round of applause is awarded to you. While many of us worry about what we might look like with a fringe, there are still those of us who jump right into the hairstyle without batting an eye. If you’re suddenly sporting this new style but have been in a rut trying to figure out just how to style it, then we’ve got some awesome hair advice for you. When it comes to making a fringe look good, only a few products are really necessary.

If you’re looking to add some more volume to your fringe, then look no further than a simple spray of sea salt water. Sea salt water is the perfect solution to adding volume and texture to your fringe without drying it our or having it feel weighed down with products. One of our favorites is the L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise EverStrong Mineral Salt Texturizing Spray that not only adds volume and texture, but also provides your hair with strengthening ingredients to repair any damage done. If you’re not into the texturizing spray craze, then why not try out a volumizing mousse? The Kerastase Paris Mousse Bouffante is an excellent volumizing mousse that will give your hair a ton of volume without making it hard and stiff.

So when it comes to styling your fringe, high maintenance products are not necessary at all. A simple spritz here and there and you’ve got yourself the perfect fringe for the day.

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