Are You Taking Proper Care Of Dry, Cracked Winter Lips?

Are You Taking Proper Care Of Dry, Cracked Winter Lips?

It’s the beginning of March and for those of us who are currently enduring the winter climate, that also means that freezing cold temperatures and have caused our skin to lose its luster. Cold weather leaves our skin susceptible to dry patches, cracks, and various itch attacks that leave us going absolutely nuts. One of our least favorite parts is just how dry our lips can get in the process. From heading out into the cold weather and then quickly heading into a warm office, or from just licking our lips when they get dry, the image of cracked lips becomes more and more real.

“The lips are really resilient in the sense that they sustain a lot of movement and are constantly going from wet to dry,” says Chris Adigun, MD, a North Carolina-based dermatologist. “But, in the winter months, they can’t keep up with the wet-dry fluctuation, on top of dry air and cold temperatures, and it becomes difficult to maintain hydration. Once your skin gets very dry, it takes just a little bit of stress and they become very susceptible to cracks.”

In order to keep our lips looking at their very best in the winter, investing in the perfect lip balm is essential. If you’re willing to go down the route of splurging a bit on your next lip balm, then why not try out the one beauty editors have been raving on and on about? The Dior Addict Lip Glow comes complete with mango butter and loofah extract to exfoliate your lips and moisturize them. They’re also tinged with a light pink color that will compliment your natural lips! The balm is currently available for $33 at Sephora.

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