Makeup Artist Applies Full Face Of Makeup During Labor

Makeup Artist Applies Full Face Of Makeup During Labor

If you’ve ever given birth or have taken a biology class, then you’re probably well aware that a baby doesn’t simply just fly out as soon as a woman starts feeling contractions. In fact, the contractions and labor could last for hours at a time, causing you to not only be in pain for a while, but also leaving you with a lot of free time to kill. While women find many different activities to kill the time with, one makeup artist decided to use her labor time to apply a full face of makeup! New York-based makeup artist, Alaha Karimi posted several photos of herself applying makeup in the hospital onto her Instagram page, @MakeupByAlaha.

While Karimi was beautifying her face with her favorite makeup products, her sister took several photos of the process. Karimi went on to share the photos on social media and in turn garnered thousands of positive comments commending her. The photos became absolutely viral, with everybody on social media sharing them and giving Karimi truly positive reinforcement. Although the makeup artist received a multitude of positive commentary, there were still those that decided to rain on her parade by scrutinizing her for her decision.

“Others called me an idiot for ‘putting looks before the baby,'” she told BuzzFeed News.

However, Karimi made sure to ask her doctors about the safety of putting on makeup during labor. With her doctor’s approval, Karimi saw no reason to not kill time with applying makeup.

“Don’t make yourself miserable during labor, do something you love! As long as your doctor is okay with it, cake that foundation on and enjoy your day!” she says.


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